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album artwork and music merchandising

Jonwayne – Word Play

Jonwayne is an American record producer, musician, and poet, though he is best known for his impressive vernacular as an existential rapper. His debut album Bowser is a compilation of 8-bit video game timbres worked into hip hop beats, and from there he built himself a name in the rap game.


Given the opportunity to build and name a conceptual album with his work, I decided to create Word Play, which celebrates his musical origins as well as his inspiring health and career recovery.

After turning to interviews and understanding his story, I quickly learned that he dislikes speaking to his melancholy. The songs I selected from Rap Album 2 have strong poetic narrative that allude to the therapy and solace that music provides for him


When deciding on an everyday object to encapsulate his music, I found a video game controller appropriate. I decided on the title Word Play in order to link his varied musical styles; I created an 8-bit Jonwayne character escaping the confines of his screen to return back to the playful music production that started it all. The looping GameCube cord forms his signature, which rests on my signed copy of his poetry book.

Mort Garson – Plantasia (redesign)


Mother Earth’s Plantasia, originally released in 1976, was a series of Moog compositions designed to be played for growing plants. According to his daughter, Day Darmet, Garson made the album inspired by her mother’s plants. Despite its extremely limited distribution, the album became a cult classic in the late 2010s when it circulated online. This redesign captures the whimsical feeling that one experiences when listening to his synthesized rhythms. Showcasing a variety of the plant species featured on the album, the simple observational drawings reveal an intimacy with our foliage friends.

Armless Statues – Princeps


The Bozeman psych-rock band Armless Statues released their debut album in March of 2020. Additional material was created for promotion of the band and their new album, such as posters, stickers, and screen-printed T-shirts. 

Though their live performances were put to a halt, do yourself a favor and check them out on Spotify or Apple Music! 

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