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letterpress printing

Application of modern design skills and technologies to a timeless and historic medium, carrying digital design into the tactile realm.

GET OFF THE INTERNET letterpress poster

Seeking to create chromatic type and borders with a modern spin, I assembled my own type-high forms from acrylic, MDF, and chipboard. 

The message is derived from Le Tigre's 2000 song, "Get Off the Internet" which I felt was a good and punchy way of saying: "Don't be a performative activist. If you care, get outside and stop being a social media warrior."

Chromatic Borders for a Cause

Hindsight 2021


The goal was to create imagery and messaging that alluded to the lessons learned from 2020, and I decided to keep my messaging optimistic but realistic. Many of us have hit a pandemic wall, but we can't lose sight of the many structural problems that rose to the surface; giving up on fighting for a better world isn't going to cut it when all of our lives are on the line. 

polymer plate print illustration
floral pressure print poetry

Pressure Print Poetry

Inspired by Emily Dickinson's herbariums, I sought to tap into creative writing skills that have been left mostly untouched since high school. After learning about the various ways pressure printing can create atmospheric images, I wanted to try my hand at running pressed flowers through the Vandercook. 

The flowers did not remain fully in tact after the first dozen prints, but the process speaks to the ephemeral quality they posses.

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