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OPEN magazine

In the Fall and Winter of 2020, I created a magazine that drew inspiration from the idea of community collaboration. I gathered thoughts and personal experiences from a wide variety of anonymous sources in an attempt to create an outlet for these voices to comfortably share whatever was on their mind. Interviews with named folks and community artwork was also curated and featured.

Issue 01

Mental Health

The first issue focuses on mental health, in all of its gloom and glory. Intended to create a sense of community in a time of lockdown, and to encourage checking in on our mental states, segments include Talking to Strangers (anonymous community responses), an interview with my own therapist, personal reflections and lamentations, and creative highlights.

The Chicago screw binding allows for the harmless dismantling of the magazine, eliminating binding costs and allowing readers to remove pages that have art or words that resonate with them with ease.


Issue 02


The second issue focuses on giving people space to voice their political arguments in a low-impact manner without the need to troll the internet. Due to personal drainage after the 2020 election, the project was put prematurely on halt, although intentions are there to revisit this concept and release both magazines to print publication, rather than the digital format that both exist in currently. 

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